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No matter how tough, safe, or delicate you have to be, we help you perform the best of yourself.

LEEJO’s technical fabrics are specially designed and engineered to provide the best functionality and performance for industries with specific requirements.      

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A collaborative initiative of LEEJO and CORDURA®, MST fabric is specially engineered for motorcycle wear to pass CE-prEN 17092 and EN 20417 requirements. With its high resistance to tear, scuffs and abrasion, MST fabric provides necessary durability and strength for riding.

MTS fabric is available in both polyester and nylon, exclusively at LEEJO.



L-XTR® and L-VENT® are high performance waterproof and breathable fabrics specifically designed to provide optimal comfort under extreme climatic conditions. Suitable for sports, outdoor and fishing apparel and gear, these fabrics have durable water repellence and breathability to protect the users from heavy wind, rain, and snow, while keeping the users dry and comfortable.

We at LEEJO offer both 2 layered (L-XTR®) and 3 layered (L-VENT®) based on the application.




As the name proposes, Workwear fabric is designed keeping in mind the long working hours and much-desirable comfort. These fabrics require different standards and functions depending on type of jobs and work environment. From lightweight to heavy duty, and features from anti-static, flame-retardant, acid-resistant, stain-resistant to water-oil repellence, LEEJO offers a wide range of Workwear fabrics to meet the demands of all its customers in any work environments.


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Suitable for sports, outdoor, medical and baby products, an antimicrobial fabric inhibits the attachment and growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, thus keeping the product hygienically fresh. By closely working with various partners and going through a number of rigorous testing, LEEJO now offers antimicrobial fabrics that are not only effective and durable, but also safe to use, thereby promoting a feeling of freshness without potential health risks.



Designed to have the distinct look and texture by LEEJO’s experts, POLAMO is a polyester fabric that is softer than the regular polyester and has a cotton-like texture and touch to it. Its brushed surface traps air to serve as insulation and ensures the fabric stays soft, making it suitable for life style wear and accessory for daily use.


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