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LEEJO is one of the world’s major manufacturers of Nylon and Polyester woven fabrics.

At LEEJO, Nylon and Polyester are both mass-produced in wide variations with over five thousand different types of textures, patterns, and structures along with different treatment and coating options based on what the various industries request for.






Special Treatments




Textures and Patterns​

LEEJO offers nylon and polyester fabrics with thousands of different types of textures and structures ranging from simple plain weave to unique dobby pattern and jacquard to serve each customer according to their needs and preferences.


With an inclusive range of textures, LEEJO offers unlimited number of colors based on any color standards.

Color accuracy is one of the most crucial parts of any fabric. With the help of our highly precise computerized color matching system, LEEJO is renowned to deliver the most accurate colors from the lab to the end users. 


Good coating equals to long-lasting results and a material that is strong and resistant towards extreme conditions. With each having their distinct physical and chemical characteristics, LEEJO provides fabrics with various types of coatings such as Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, TPU, TPE, etc. We aim to provide our customers with unique designs, outstanding quality and functionality.


The usage of LEEJO’s Nylon and Polyester fabric is massive, ranging from baby products to military gears. We take great care in the production of each fabric and pay special consideration to plan and testing which has helped us in establishing ourselves in diverse areas.

Water Repellent

Based on BLUESIGN approved standards, LEEJO offers multiple water repellent treatment options such as PFC-Free, C0, DWR and many more. We at LEEJO deliver these WR options that can safely be used on any of our Nylon and Polyester fabrics

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