LEEJO works closely with specialty partners to provide high performance fabrics with greater physical strength and durability.

High performance fabrics are engineered especially to be used in extreme environments. LEEJO has partnered with suppliers like Invista, Hyosung, and the likes to provide the best quality of high-performance fabrics in the market. 


Renowned for its outstanding durability and resistance to abrasions and tears, CORDURA® has been used in high performance gear and apparel products for more than 50 years; products ranging from luggage, upholstery and backpacks to footwear, military equipment, tactical wear, workwear, outdoor, and lifestyle apparel.

As an authorized manufacturer, LEEJO not only produces and supplies CORDURA® fabrics to customers across the world, but also actively cooperates from research and development stage to help realizing new textile innovations to meet the standards and needs of our ever-growing customer base.



MIPAN® Robic® fabric is made with high tenacity nylon yarn supplied from Hyosung TNC. Robic® fabrics are commonly used for luggage, back pack, motorcycle gear, and workwear that require durability and high abrasion resistance.

Since 2012, LEEJO has been offering various different types of Robic® fabrics ranging from lightweight to heavy duty ones that have been selected by some of the top brands that are known for making tough and long-lasting performance apparel and gear.



Spectra® Fiber is an ultralight, ultrastrong fiber. It is hi-tech, versatile and can be blended with natural or man-made fibers to produce fabrics and materials that are more durable, longer-lasting and provide greater protection. Fabrics weaved with Spectra® Fiber have great tensile strength and high resistance to tear, chemicals, water, and UV light, thus mainly used as primary ingredients for ballistic and projectile protection gears, sailcloth, and cut resistant gloves.

Although we supply for such applications as well, LEEJO works in partnership with Honeywell at bringing out the lesser-known side of this fabric, and produces more consumer-friendly fabrics for everyday uses that are both fashionable and technical. We take great care of our customer’s needs and therefore display a variety of items under Spectra® for all sorts of customers



Well known for its high tensile strength to weight ratio (5x stronger than steel), DuPont’s Kevlar® has been used by vast industries ranging from motorcycle safety clothing to combustion protection material in the aerospace industry. 

LEEJO offers several options of commercial fabrics with Kevlar® fibers, fabrics that have extremely high tensile strength, resistance to cutting, and excellent thermal stability.



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