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We make and reinforce our commitment to make a positive difference to our community and the planet.


We are known to make proactive investments and efforts as part of our commitment to maximizing our products’ environmental benefits throughout their life-cycle. This is evidenced in the fact that our fabrics have lower carbon footprints as we ensure to lower energy usages and greenhouse gas emissions during production. We are also seeking ways to recycle wasted fabrics and to minimize pollution during the process of disposal.

Currently, we provide a broad array of sustainable products that include but are not restricted to; recycled fabrics made with various post-consumer and post-industrial materials, and bio-degradable fabrics that are known to decompose in landfill 100x faster than typical synthetic fabrics.

As a conscientious manufacturer of materials, we are aware of our responsibility for entire life-cycle of products made using our fabrics. This underpins our dedication to continue developing innovative and sustainable fabrics that minimize negative environmental impact.



Our environmentally-friendly processes and centers of manufacturing are certified with the higher standards of quality - Bluesign and ISO14001. This empowers us to minimize negative impact on both people and the environment during production.

In order to eradicate air pollutants that exacerbate global warming, we use regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) to capture and destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) discharged during the production process, and ensure the reuse of heat generated at this stage.

In addition to collecting, cleaning, and reusing wasted waters gathered from the manufacturing process, all our energy consumption is diligently tracked to maximize energy efficiency while boosting productivity and efficiency. We are also taking proactive measures to minimize any potential hazard that could be causing during manufacturing.

Driven by the spirit of excellence, customer-satisfaction and innovation, all our combined endeavors inspire us to set new environmental benchmarks and emerge as the paragon of high- quality sustainable fabric manufacturing. We continue to direct our attempts at becoming more sustainable at every stage of our manufacturing process - from buying raw materials to delivering finished fabrics.



We put people at the center of our activities. We value and deeply care for our employees, customers, community members and all those who make our business possible.

Internally, we are committed to upholding the cause of human rights and ensuring our employees are placed in respectful, healthy workplaces. Our health and safety policies make sure that, as a minimum requirement, all our activities adhere to national and international legislations. Consequently, we’re delighted to say that we’ve had zero workplace accidents over the past ten years.

As a strict company policy, LEEJO treats everyone with fairness, justness, and respect, also encouraging our partners to espouse the same values. Providing equal opportunities to all, we ensure there is absolutely no discrimination based on gender, age, disabilities, etc. – no matter what.

We also keep seeking new ways of giving back to our society. We are constantly keen to ensure that our presence turns into an opportunity for increasing strategically focused economic activities and tailoring effective and durable social programs. Despite being at the infancy stage from the standpoint of social responsibility, LEEJO intends to take radical and far-reaching steps to transform the lives of people in our communities.

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