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LEEJO Textile is an integral part of the everyday life of countless people.

As a premier global fabric supplier, LEEJO Textile specializes in fabrics encompassing products in the following fields: fashion, sports, and outdoors. We have been ceaselessly producing different kinds of high-quality fabrics for our cherished customers worldwide for over 30 years. Closely collaborating with specialty partners, we provide top-quality products renowned for comfort, functionality, and high durability.

As pioneers and industry leaders, we are driven by the spirit of excellence and customer satisfaction at all times. This is why we constantly strive to introduce more creative, innovative, and environmentally-friendly products through strategic R&D investments. Simultaneously, the company’s 100% in-house manufacturing system empowers it to continue being the most reliable source of fabric throughout the industry.

We are also driven by the mission of preserving the environment in our quest to provide sustainable products. Right from the nascent stages, we have relentlessly focused on ensuring environmental stewardship by not only developing several eco-friendly fabrics, but also aggressively implementing new technologies to minimize wastage and usage of hazardous chemicals, thereby setting new standards of environmental-friendliness for the industry. 

Since we are an integral part of the everyday life of countless people, we are committed to transforming their lives by making every possible effort to launch better/reliable products as well as by reinforcing our dedication toward our respective communities and our planet at large.

Customer Commitment​

As a customer-focused company, we are committed to making positive, transformative differences in their lives.


We have and will continue to fuel our growth with innovation. It is the DNA that drives the core of everything we do.


Our uncompromising focus on quality means that we deliver products that are of the highest quality – every single time.

Our Values


We believe that being fast is better than being slow.


We constantly remind ourselves to be real to customers and everyone else – so that we can be trusted at any given point in time.


Our commitment toward the society and environment is second to none.

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